Terry & Dianne Huey

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Fujitsu Indoor Unit mounted over door
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Terry and Dianne’s beautiful home is a white stone Italian-style Villa approximately 15 years old. The 3,100 square foot home features 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths but the main feature that they enjoyed for entertaining guests was the stunning great room. Featuring a 25’ vaulted ceiling and granite countertops, the 20’ x 34’ room never felt comfortable in the summer months.

Though the home had two air conditioner units already installed, with how the great room was situated in the home and with how the vents circulated air, summer months were a struggle for the system to adequately cool the room to a comfortable level. The challenge was to find a solution that could provide better temperature control to the great room without having to replace both existing air conditioner units.

After working with their local contractor, they determined that a Fujitsu Halcyon Flex Inverter ductless system would be the ideal fit for the Huey’s problem! Utilizing a 48,000 BTU condenser outside hooked up to two 18,000 BTU wall mounted units in the great room, the new ductless system was able to satisfy the thermostat cooling settings, cooling the room down to 70 degrees in just a matter of minutes.  “Our great room can now be cooled or heated to a comfortable temperature, something that was not possible before.”


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