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Homeowners who choose to live and restore historic homes do so because of the charm, historical significance, and memories those houses represent. Bringing an older up to up date with a new heating and cooling system can be an especially daunting, finding the balance between comfort and historical preservation. But now more than ever there is great value in updating your historic home’s heating and cooling system: according to the Department of Energy if your home is 50 years or older, chances are you’re paying at least 25% more in energy costs than a comparably sized new home.



Just a few decades ago I seemed that the only option to retrofit an older home with HVAC was to install a ducted forced air system. However, retrofitting a forced-air system into an older home is a huge job that requires running new ductwork, cutting large holes into walls and floors, and often sacrificing precious closet and storage space to make space for the new ducts that cannot be run through plaster walls.

The modern and efficient alternative to ducted heating systems are ductless mini-split systems. The dominate heating and cooling source if both Europe and Asia, ductless systems as the name implies do not rely on the use of ducts to deliver heating and cooling. Rather than registers to force air through the home to heat and cool, ductless systems use indoor “heads” that have the flexibility to installed on the wall, floor, or in some instances concealed in the ceiling in a “cassette”. All of which can give you the ability to provide comfort with minimal intrusion on the historic space in your home.

Ductless mini-split units connect the outdoor condensing unit via a refrigerant line to the various “heads” in your home to deliver heating and cooling. The refrigerant line only requires a small 2-in. to 3-in. hole through the wall, minimizing damage to your home and visibility from the exterior. Depending on the overall design, ductless systems can run up to eight individual zones from a single condensing unit. Each zone can be turned on and off when in use and set at their own temperature, maximizing comfort and efficiency.

Several companies make ductless mini-splits but the Fujitsu ductless mini-split systems are as much as 2.35 times as efficient than the government standard. With that extreme efficiency comes monthly savings on your electricity bill.

If it’s time to look at updating the heating and cooling system in your historic home, consider looking to your local qualified Fujitsu ductless dealer for the most efficient option!

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